Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nancy's Air Field Cafe

2013-04-14 Sunday, Nancy's Air Field Cafe (302 Boxboro Rd, Stow MA), 1pm, (busy)
• We ordered a Ploughman's Plate (which was a very small toasted half-slice of bread, 4 small thick slices of cheddar cheese w/topping, & 4 carrot slices, all over dressed greens—$10), a BBQ Burger w/bacon & cheese ($13), and a Tuscan Omelette (sauteed spinach, provolone cheese, peppers, & sweet sausage) w/home fries & toast ($13), with a large OJ ($4.50) & coffee ($3)—with tip, $53 for brunch.
• The food was excellent (the quality was very high and the portions adequate—except for the Ploughman's Plate, which was shamefully undersized for the price; perhaps "Ploughman's Mouthful" would be a better title).  The atmosphere was wonderful (we were in the glassed-in section in back, w/many hanging plants & big windows looking out onto airfield, where we watched a small helicopter taxi down the runway, turn around, and take off).  The service was slow (because the restaurant was busy) but adequate; our server checked in frequently enough & refilled coffee—service good, but not outstanding.  15% tip
food excellent, atmosphere excellent, service adequate

Helen's Restaurant

2013-04-07 Sunday, Helen's Restaurant (17 Main St, Concord MA), ~1pm (busy)
• We both ordered Diner Melts (basically, lots of cheese between two slices of sourdough bread, with fries or cole slaw).  My guest requested mashed potatoes instead of the fries (a seemingly logical & reasonable substitution); but when the bill arrived i discovered that instead of making the simple substitution, we had been charged for a side order of potatoes but given no price reduction for not having fries.
• I had to ask our waitress twice for water before receiving a glass, and she brought my hot tea with no milk or cream initially.  and after delivering our food, she never checked back to see if our meal was OK.
food excellent, atmosphere excellent, service poor